Town Board


Town Supervisor

Vern J. Richardson               

315-689-9031 Ext. 4                          

Assigned Areas: Ways and Means, Audit Control, Budget, Personnel, Intergovernmental Relations, Business Development and Veterans 



Douglas Blumer 

Assigned Areas: Planning and Zoning, Fire Departments, and Historian 



Floyd Duger 

Assigned Areas:  Senior Citizens, Building and Grounds, Recreation, Highway, JET Program, Workplace Safety, and Public Safety 



Mike Caron 

Assigned Areas:  Assessing, Technology, Cable TV, Water, Historical Properties, and Insurance 



Todd Platten 

Assigned Areas: Justice/Court, Environmental, Cemeteries, and Dogs  

 The Elbridge Town Board serves as the legislative body of the Town. Its functions are numerous and include matters vital to the administration of Town government and the provisions of related services. The Elbridge Town Board is comprised of a Town Supervisor, Deputy Supervisor, and three council members. Members are responsible for various areas of Town government.  The Town Board meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00PM at the Town Hall, except for the months of January, July, August, November, and December. Please refer to our home page for posted dates. The Organizational meeting will be held in early January, at a date to be announced by the Supervisor, and takes the place of the second meeting of that month.